Little Sculling Boats

Evergreen Rowing is no longer the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada dealer for The Little Sculling Boat. We strongly encourage you to contact the company directly with your orders for this truly fun and effective boat.

Little Sculling Boat

YES! A 5 yr old can learn to scull in one of these boats. The youngest, so far, was 4!

Qualities of the Boat:
✔Most important – a boat that fits a kid (ca. 5-10 years+/- and less than 100 lbs) or small adult.
✔ Fairly stable, yet also enables a kid to learn balance, enjoy sculling, and be able to move up to an adult boat more easily, when bigger.
✔ Ends are blunted and the deck is rounded, for safety.
✔ Wt is about 30# rigged.
(We can make a lighter version, by request, but it will cost more.)
✔ Riggers are high grade aluminum
✔ Oarlocks are from Concept2
✔ Comes with Little Sculls — shorter and with smaller blade area (hatchets) made for us by Concept2®.

We think kids should scull: for fun, for health, for symmetrical development. And, if they ever want to sweep row, they’ll already be able to do it. We think we’ll have better rowing & sculling and more balanced people.

We also tested our prototype with a smaller adult, a cox’n. He was 5’6”, 115-120#, age 56. We think this is the upper limit of our boat (except the age.)

2016 Price: $1750 includes sculls! (Shipping and/or WA sales tax NOT included)

These boats and sculls are designed and built in the US – sculls in VT, boats in MA.

Little Sculling Boat™ Company, LLC.

Cambridge & Concord, Massachusetts