Maas open water/recreational shells – “Ready boats for real water”…stable, responsive, strong and tested on the various water conditions we all face. Our premium quality shells satisfy your passion for fun, fitness and smart spending. Five models with either fiberglass or carbon options means Maas builds a rowing shell that will get you on the water any time you want. No need to wait for perfectly calm water… get out and have fun! Maas… premium design, premium execution, premium support, totally fun!

Evergreen Rowing is the factory authorized dealer for MAAS serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, as well as Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. We also sell Dreher oars, Burnham boat covers and slings. We strive to have an inventory of new boats and parts in stock (see Our Boats for details), but with Covid-driven demand, we are currently taking orders for delivery in 2022. And we have one of each model of Maas boats available for demo purposes (see Services for details).

When you buy a shell from us:

  • we deliver the shell to you (as part of the shipping fee),
  • we rig the boat with you and give you a thorough introduction to its care,
  • we offer free lessons to you and your family to ensure you have the fun we promise!
  • we give you a DVD titled “Sculling 101” to help you improve your technique

Our shells, parts and accessories are kept in a warehouse, and the warehouse is open by appointment only. We’re VERY happy to meet you there or at our dock, so please contact us for an appointment.