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Maas is building boats as fast as possible, and we are now taking orders for boats to be built in April. Unsold shells in that batch include both glass and carbon Winged Aeros and 24s. In-stock inventory does not include special order boats or the used shells on consignment. If you have additional questions, or to request a catalog, give us a call or drop us a line.

Maas Winged Aero

  •  Standard carbon Winged Aeros are now being sold from the late April build,  get your down payment in to hold one.
Maas 24: all boats come with your choice of black (standard) or white (special order) powder coated rigger.
  • fiberglass and carbon models are available by late April – get your down payment in to hold one


  • to be included in the April build…let us know of your interest

Single (or “Maas 27”)

  • special order – available in 3 months


  • special order – available in three months

For more information, contact us today.

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