At Evergreen Rowing, we take great pride in the extra efforts we take to ensure our customers and potential customers are given our full attention and excellent support. Our most effective advertising is word-of-mouth. Our success depends on having very satisfied customers. We sell only excellent boats and associated gear. We match that hardware with superior support, honest and thorough advice, and ongoing follow through. It’s gratifying when this extra effort is recognized. Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received that recognize and acknowledge our exceptional quality in products and service. You’ll also get a sense of how Maas owners feel about their boats at https://www.facebook.com/MaasBoats.

What Our Customers Have Said:

“I did indeed receive the new seat and it’s great! Definitely a big improvement over the old. Thanks to you and Steve for your help with the replacement. It’s great to see the attention MASS puts into QA and customer satisfaction. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my morning, rows on the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay.” Scott, Ontario, Canada

“I wanted to thank you again for delivering my beautiful boat to me and taking all of that time to get it outfitted perfectly.  I was able to row it the next morning before we left for vacation for a week.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you before we left how fun it was to row.  It was definitely the right choice for me.  I’m back now and looking forward to getting back on the water. ” Mari, Dexter Lake OR

“I’ve been out a few times this season already. It amazes me how much I enjoy the 24. It’s just a fun boat. And after 4 years it still looks almost new. Maas really has great product.” Don, Bayview ID

“Thank you for delivering the boat and for providing me with so much expert advice.  I appreciate your excellent service.”  Sam, Sooke B.C.

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your help along my path to rowing. You went “above and beyond” to help me, and I really appreciate it!  Thanks!” Gene W. Idaho

Thank you for checking in about my new Maas 24. I love it! Having a boat the right size and that is so stable is going to let me really work at getting better. We were out yesterday afternoon and I was surprised how well it handled the swells from the boat wakes that we encountered. It is going to be a great season:). Thanks for your time to make sure everything was set up correctly, and I understood what I needed to.” C.L. British Columbia

I was able to get down to the boathouse this morning and had the pleasure to row it. Wonderful!! I am so glad (our club)  bought that boat! Hope all is well with you and I hope Maas is prospering. You have a great product. I really like Maas rowing shells.” S.O. WA state

I enjoy my flyweight almost every day; the boat is perfect for me.” K.G. Zollikerburg, Germany

Thanks again for working with me to get me a great boat, cheaply, quickly, and conveniently.” R.P. Klamath Falls, OR

The new Maas is rowing wonderfully and is in high demand with our rowers.” P.L., British Columbia

Steve, I just have to thank you for ALL your help in finding my dream boat! From your expertise in Maas shells, to your patience in helping me investigate several used boats, to finding MY boat, to your recommendations for a car rack, and then even helping us get the boat on top of the truck – you were amazing! Thank you so much! You truly are an expert. J.E., Washington

“Awesome! The shell has brought me great joy- and I was so grateful Maas made me a higher seat for after the surgeries- you guys rock !” S.M., Montana

“We are writing to say the biggest thank you for allowing us to get a row in during our vacation to Washington. We loved your flexibility and willingness to get us in a boat. We had the nicest vacation and it was partly due to you!” D.W., Leverett, MA

“WOW, your website works like a CHARM! I think I might have sold it already! ” Whose Aero ad was online for three hours. B.T. Bellingham, WA

“I am really enjoying my flyweight. Have been getting out every weekend 2-3 times. The flyweight has a mystical purr.” R.M., Camano Island WA

“Needless to say, I went for a row after you left and the Flyweight is fabulous!!!! I was giggling out on the water, I was so happy! It is smooth, smooth, smooth! We are all going to really enjoy it. I’m so pleased that we bought it.” H.D. Vancouver BC

“I wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying my new boat. I have been rowing at least a few times each week through the cold or blustery Dec/Jan weather and it feels fantastic, stable yet very responsive. I can put a lot of leg into it with minimal risk of hypothermia. ”  Jim M. Seattle

A fascinating running dialogue on a rowing blog in response to a question about “what should we buy”?  Check this out: http://www.rowingillustrated.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3494

I really want to thank you again for everything. Your customer service is exceptional and very much appreciated!
Gina W., Port Orchard WA
We now have a bidding war going on for our MAAS boat. I guess MAAS mfg. was right when they mentioned they wish they could build “used” boats. One of the contestants saw your ad, the other ROW2K. Someone’s going to end up enjoying our boat… and I’m going to miss it.
Two days later: “Nice guy from MTL drove off with our MAAS Aero, slings, the works today. We’re pleased about it going to a good home. This guy had a new Burnham shell rack delivered here, so he had a means to get the boat to its destination (Lake Massawippi). All worked out, at a price of $3300 (what we paid for the package 10 years ago!!). What a great investment! Got to use it over the years and never lost a dime. Of course it was like brand new…always babied. “
GL, Vermont
 Hope things are well and business is good.  My Maas 24 is still going strong.  Not a single failure of any kind after all these years(about 8?).
JK  Great Falls, MT
I just came in from the first row with the Flyweight. What a joy! What a pleasure to row. Just perfect for me. It is so easy for me to carry, I am delighted!
L.G Olympia, WA
No wonder your shop is held in such high regard by western rowers!
I didn’t expect my shell would sell so quickly, and I had no idea of how much to ask for it. Thanks again for helping me with this!
LOVE my new flyweight! It is a dream come true!Thanks so much for setting it up for me. I can’t wait to show it to EV.
      M Gerber, West Linn, OR
Just wanted to let you know I sold my boat (MAAS Flyweight) – finalized on Sunday – to ……… for the full asking price. Thanks so much for your help, especially with the pricing. I am very happy to have gotten a price so close to what I paid 5 years ago.
     J. Munn, Olympia, WA
I have purchased two Maas open-water racing boats from Evergreen Rowing, both a single and a double sculling boat, and I’m very happy with the results in both cases. Steve Wells was a superlative source of advice on the type of products his company sells, and has provided very prompt service with both sales and post-sales service and support. He has always been helpful and attentive to any concerns I have had with either of my boats. Steve has also volunteered his equipment, time and expertise helping wounded servicemen and servicewomen to get out on the water to learn how to scull. He made a vital contribution to what became the worlds largest ever Adaptive Rowing event and we are very grateful for his help.
     P. Wensley, Lakewood, WA
Steve has a passion for rowing and it translates into the sales and services he provides. His enthusiasm is contagious. As a novice to the sport, I really appreciated the extra care and instruction he provided along with the boat.
Service Category: Rowing
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
     T Descamps, Missoula, MT
Hi Steve,
I’m happy and also sad to report that I no longer own a Maas Shell. M__ M__ came down from Port Townsend and took it off my hands. He was excited, just like I was back in 2001 when you sold it to me. It was a “great ride” but I have only rowed once in the last 6 months, so I guess it was time. Thanks for all of your help. You went “above and beyond.” I would recommend you anytime to someone who is looking for a shell. Have a great year.Thanks for all your help with selling our Maas Double. You are the model for customer service!
     R. Dandridge, Port Townsend, WA
Steve doesn’t just sell you a shell, he sells you a life time of enjoyment and stays in touch just to make sure you are happy with your purchase(s). His passion for rowing accentuates his passion for an unparralleled level of service, integrity and honesty.
     M. Princevalle, Bellevue, WA
You’re the best!
     P. Johnson, Spokane, WA
I just got back from an hour long row. The boat is great and everything about the setup, blades etc… seem just right.Thank you for putting this whole deal together. Your entire operation from website and initial contact through delivery yesterday was flawless. I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm for the sport and these fine MAAS boats.
     B. Ladd, Priest Lake, ID
Thank you so much for all your help in getting my new boat and for going to the extra effort to deliver it. Now that’s service!!I love the boat and so enjoy looking at her on my front porch, her temporary storage.
     C. Cosler, Port Townsend, WA
Many thanks for the long distance special delivery. Your care in set up and thorough instructions were very much appreciated. It was a real treat to meet you and we hope to do business with Evergreen Rowing, again.
     J. Corning, Flathead Lake, MT
Buying the boat was a fun & educational experience!
     S. Moss, Anchorage, AK
The Maas really is seaworthy!
     L. Rowan, Seattle, WA
Steve delivered the boat and spent hours setting it up for me. Excellent job, Steve!
     A. Pearson, Portland, OR
Steve gave me a full understanding of rigging and care of my boat. I feel very comfortable with my beautiful boat.
     V. Moats, Ashland, OR
Thanks for your help and patient teaching this afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I so enjoyed spending $$$ like that.
M. Walter, Renton, WA

I want to thank you and your wife for the excellent service in helping my purchase of the Aero, right to the delivery and instructions.   J. Hrechka, Duncan, B.C.

“merci beaucoup again.  Similar to Neil Armstrong you have made a giant step for US / Canada relations.”    J.B. Vancouver, BC

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  1. Janet Erickson says:

    Steve, I just have to thank you for ALL your help in finding my dream boat! From your expertise in Mass shells, to your patience in helping me investigate several used boats, to finding MY boat, to your recommendations for a car rack, and then even helping us get the boat on top of the truck – you were amazing! Thank you so much! You truly are an expert.

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