Used Boats

 Used Maas boats are in demand.

We are eager to have boats for the multitudes dreaming of owning a used boat. Contact us if you want to sell your Maas boat. If you want to list your used Maas shell here, here’s what to do:

  • write your own ad and email it to us. Include the year your shell was built, its condition, its features and optional equipment, any accessories or related gear, your price, the location of your shell and how to contact you. Let us know if photos are available (or send them to us).
  • We’ll then post your ad and also email it to those who’ve told us they seek a Maas like yours.
  • Any further negotiation and communication is between you and the prospective buyer.
  • If we can help transport your shell to the buyer please let us know.

If you are interested in a boat listed here, contact the seller directly. As of  May 5, 2021 I know of one Maas shell now available (except for those listed by others in the classifieds on the Noteboard at, at or on Craigslist).

  1. Exquisite Yellow with Black Shirwin Stripe Maas Flyweight with Dreher Oars

    This stunning Maas Flyweight rowing shell is in mint condition, and is consistently stored indoors. Lightly used, it comes with Dreher carbon fiber oars, self-bailer, splash guards, boat cover, and stand. Its rigged weight is 35 lbs and maximum rower weight is 140-145 lbs.  Length: 24’1″, Beam at washbox: 16.5″, Beam at waterline: 12″. It was made in August of 2009 and its Hull Identification Number is XBQ33129H909.

    “The Flyweight is designed as a high-performance open water racer. For light rowers the Flyweight is substantially faster than any other open water shell, including our Maas 24. The Flyweight is also an exciting and responsive shell for advanced recreational rowers and an excellent trainer for flat water racers.” -Maas Boat Company

    $5,100, everything included. Buyer must pick-up in Shingle Springs, CA.

    Contact information for Sonja:, (503) 812-3534


Given the high demand, used boats move quickly. We prefer to help Maas boat owners sell their shells. We maintain a list of rowers in search of used Maas boats, and we do our best to link sellers with buyers. Linking buyers and sellers allows the seller to realize full retail value for their shell and lets the buyer avoid sales taxes. If the extent of our service is solely to match a buyer with a seller, there is no brokerage fee.

We know that owners of Maas shells appreciate full-service and dealer support throughout the time they own their shell. Maas boat owners can be confident there is a very strong market for their used shell should their situation change and a need arise to sell their loved boat. We are committed to maintaining that market demand and matching it with the limited supply of used Maas shells.

For more information or to get on the list of buyers seeking a used boat, contact Evergreen Rowing. You may also want to check the classified section of, the most active market for used boats. Use the search feature to search for “Maas”. Used shells are also listed on the Noteboard page at and with increasing frequency on Craigslist.


In the rare event when a seller has difficulty finding a buyer or if the seller doesn’t want to handle the sale of his/her shell, Evergreen Rowing will hold any used Maas boat on consignment. If you place your shell with us on consignment, we charge a $300 brokerage fee and Washington state sales tax, where applicable.