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A General Intro to Rowing:

Rainer Storb describes his experience in the first Seventy/48 Race:

The Sound Rowers race at Shaw Island as a first open water race!

Salt Water…the challenge! Here’s great advice on how to combat the corrosive power of salt water.  See from

Race report for the 2019 Seventy 48 in which Maas boats took the first 4 places out of more than 100 in the race:

Could not say it better ourselves!

“Open Water” or “Recreational”?
Shirwin Smith, founder of Open Water Rowing Center and “Mother of the Maas Flyweight”, explains why we prefer to use the term “open water” rather than “recreational” to describe our sport.

1993 Monterrey Bay Crossing
A delightful, thorough and compelling explanation of open water racing. We’re saying the same things even today!

About Open Water Racing
A very well written summary and over view of open water racing by Marlene Royle.

Dreher Oars
Answers any question you might have about Dreher sculls.

Foss Rowers, your local Tacoma rowing group
All about sculling on Commencement Bay in Tacoma.

Great Outdoors Rowing Article
A fun description of open water rowing.

Maas Rowing Shells
Maas Boat Company: American, hand made open water racing shells.

Open Water Rowing Center
Located in Sausalito, CA, OWRC is a Maas dealer and club. Their site shares valuable insights into open water sculling.

Daily news about rowing worldwide. The premier classified ad marketplace for rowing and sculling.

Sound Rowers
Sponsors of open water races from February to October each year. Only requirement (other than safety) is to have fun! Join the fun!

Wikipedia on “Coastal Rowing”
Overview of open water and coastal rowing around the world. Should we all change to the heavy, slow boats imposed on FISA by the French? No!

Cross Fit Coach Discovers Open Water Rowing

Morgan discovers why open water rowing fits an active lifestyle and busy daily calendar. He now can row any time and any day!

Let us know where our boats are being used!

Build your own slings.  Here are plans that a customer used to build his own slings. The project turned out great!