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Evergreen Rowing is the factory authorized dealer for Maas rowing shells serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta. We also sell Dreher oars, Burnham Boat covers and car top carriers, and Thiemann slings.

Maas offers many models (for descriptions and specs go to, options and configurations. Deciding among them to configure an ideal boat is a fun challenge. To help you weigh your options, I’ve written my views on key factors to consider.

We have several new boats and most parts in stock. Stock boats are white, fiberglass or carbon fiber, with black riggers and have self-bailers and bow balls installed. In Stock is a list of the new boats now in Tacoma or available as soon as possible.

Once your order has been sent to Maas, you should expect delivery in about 2 months.

The price of a new Maas boat is set by the factory for all dealers. We compete by providing excellent service and support for rowers seeking a superbly designed and finely crafted open water rowing and racing boat. Our goal is to ensure you have fun rowing anywhere.

Evergreen Rowing offers buyers their choice of fins at no cost. You may select either the large aluminum fin or the standard nylon fin. We also add a bow ball to all shells at no charge, since this is a simple courtesy to other rowers as well as the most inexpensive “insurance” you can buy to protect your shell.

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Our Maas Boats

Maas Winged Aero

This is a great all around shell. Stable enough for a dedicated novice to learn to row, the Aero has also enjoyed years of racing and touring success. At rowing clubs and schools across the United States it is commonly in heavy demand while other more expensive and less forgiving shells stay on the racks. A fully rigged weight of 39 lbs. (in our fiberglass version) makes transportation easy and at 21 feet long, car topping is no problem. Since most garages are 22 feet deep, the Aero fits nicely in your home “boathouse!

In Spring 2015, Maas began selling a winged version of the Aero. The hull remains the same as the Classic Aero (which is no longer offered), but the new rigger is an aluminum tube wing. The new rigger offers greater adjustability, a drier ride in rough water, a better fit along a dock, a better place to attach electronics and easier carrying.

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Maas 24

The Maas 24 is the boat of choice for many serious open water racers. It has won and set course records in most of the open water races in the United States since 1990. Faster and more responsive than our Aero, this shell was designed specifically to be the fastest, safest boat an experienced sculler could row in open water. Speed very close to that of a flat water single scull makes the 24 ideal for flat water racers concerned with training regardless of water conditions. Advanced recreational scullers find the 24 an exciting and challenging next step.A black double centerline pin stripe fore and aft with cockpit bevel is pictured here.

Click Here for more info on the Maas 24.


Maas Flyweight

The Flyweight is designed as a high performance open water racer. For light rowers the Flyweight is substantially faster than any other open water shell, including our Maas 24. The Flyweight is also an exciting and responsive shell for advanced recreational rowers and an excellent trainer for flat water racers. Not a cut down ‘big boat’, we’ve designed a completely new shell; the hull shape, foot stretcher and cockpit size, and rigging geometry are all scaled specifically for rowers under 140 lbs. Athletes weighing up to 150 lbs. enjoy this shell, though they sometimes take on more water than their smaller friends!A black Shirwin Stripe is pictured here.

Click Here for more info on the Maas Flyweight.


Maas 27 (also called the “Single”)

Designed primarily as a club racer the Maas 27 is exceptionally stable, stiff and durable at a weight close to shells costing thousands of dollars more (35 lbs., 33.5 lbs. with performance package). Carbon fiber/S glass composite construction with a Nomex honeycomb/carbon fiber I-beam creates a very tough and rigid boat that is easily repaired if damaged.

Click Here for more info on the Maas 27.


Maas Double

The Maas Double is designed as an open water racing shell as well as a club race/trainer for intermediate to advanced rowers. This boat has been in production since 2001 and has established itself as the dominant open water racing double in North America. It won the 2019 70/48 race against more than 100 other boats. This design combines excellent flat water speed (it has won a gold medal at Masters Nationals in the Men’s A race) with exceptional stability and sea worthiness.

Click here for more information on the Maas double.