Current Prices

Prices (as of January 1, 2019) of Maas shells, their components and accessories.

Boat prices shown below are for a complete shell ready-to-row. These boats are white and are not outfitted with accessories such as the self-bailer (add $150), splash guards or electronics. The price does include a fin of your choice and a bow ball, and a DVD titled “Sculling 101”. Oars are not included in the price quoted for a boat, and the cost of oars will depend on your choice of brand and model. Also, Washington sales tax , if applicable, and a shipping charge will be added.The shipping charge covers the expense of picking up shells in California as well as the cost of subsequent delivery to you and rigging the shell to your specs.




Maas 24 $5800
Flyweight 24 $5800
Maas Single (available in white & carbon only*) $6500
Maas Double  (available in white & carbon only* $10,500
Carbon Classic Aero $6500
Carbon Maas 24 $6500
Carbon Flyweight 24 $6500
Winged Aero                                                                                                            $5800

Carbon Winged Aero                                                                                              $6500

AVAILABLE Striping: A taped pinstripe on the hull of a Single or Double in blue, red, or black is available on request at no additional cost.


Description Price
Performance Package (instead of standard package**) $575
Self-Bailer – (installed)(not available on Maas Single) $150
Ritchie Compass (installed) $300
Large Fin (Aero, Maas 24) (no charge with a new shell) $50
Medium Fin (Single, Flyweight) (no charge with a new shell) $50
Bow Ball no charge
** Includes carbon fiber seat and footstretcher, ball bearing wheels, and titanium oarlock pins.